About Us

Negosentro is a growth-hacking specialist team based in the Philippines. The firm’s primary purpose is to help companies and brands acquire loyal customers and followers in the shortest time possible. Homerun Nievera founded Negosentro Media, as well as the first small business blog Negosentro.com in 2011.

Negosentro.biz is the digital marketing services online home of the Negosentro Media Group. The firm is a growth hacking specialist serving a global clientele.

What is Growth Hacking?

Growth Hacking is a relatively new discipline that focuses entirely on growth and is founded on a process that is data-driven and experiment-based.

A growth hacker, on the other hand, is someone who analyzes new chances for growth in a methodical manner at every level of the customer journey. That is, from early awareness to the generation of brand ambassadors through the optimization of the product.

Most expert growth hackers in the world have acquired a unique set of skills in the fields of digital transformation, entrepreneurship, startup management, advertising, content marketing, SEO, social media, and data-driven research.

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Why Negosentro?

Negosentro.com was ahead of its time. It established the first blog for startups and small businesses in 2011. It became one of the main resources for various digital marketing and digital transformation content in the Philippines and developing countries around the world.

Eventually, the initial clients of the publication and its founder in the field of digital marketing became the clientele of Mediablast Digital. It was founded by Nievera and former top executives of social media pioneer Friendster. After a buyout by Nievera, he invited operations whiz Zes Martinez to join him in the venture.

By 2014, Mediablast established several divisions with the plan of allowing them to grow in their respective niches. Nievera headed the digital publishing division and grew the titles into 15 blogazines. Blogazines are magazine-styled magazines. By 2017, Nievera spun off two divisions called Top Rank SEO Philippines and Content Writers PH. Both divisions became the growth-hacking backbone of the Negosentro Media Group.

Today, both Top Rank SEO Philippines and Content Writers PH are divisions under the Negosentro.com Digital Marketing Services company. Nievera heads the firm as CEO and Group Publisher. In order to retain the top small business blog Negosentro.com, he established the domain Negosentro.biz as the company’s online home.

Thus, with the consolidated power of content marketing expertise and 100+ media titles, Negosentro has become a Filipino-owned growth-hacking powerhouse.

You can message us now to see how we can help you jumpstart your brand.

About the Founder

Homerun (or Homer) Nievera, is a digital evangelist, a serial techpreneur, and a life mentor. He once headed both social media pioneers Friendster.com and Multiply.com as Global Head of Partnerships and Advertising Operations for both sites. He was the only Filipino to hold such important global posts for US and Silicon Valley-type firms at that time.

Homer also formerly headed digital media firms Impaq Interactive and Admax Network, which both represented MSN, Yahoo, Google, and Facebook in the Philippines.

Startup Work

He has co-founded 2 tech firms in the US which he later exited, then came home in 2014 to focus on helping Philippine startups. Today, Homer serves on the board of some startup firms involved in content publishing, IoT, esports, fintech, food sustainability, and others.

He is a co-founder and director of gaming fintech EPlayment Corp. and FAME (Futuristic Aviation & Maritime Enterprises). FAME is an IoT company and social technology enterprise involved in food sustainability and medical devices.

He is also the Chairman and Chief of Partnerships and Content for Mediablast Corp. It is a firm involved in all aspects of online content and performance marketing. Homer is the Founder and Publisher of the multi-awarded Negosentro.com Group.


He and his wife are relationship mentors and are the faces behind the Facebook Page “He Said, She Said PH”. The page was the first recipient of the 2018 Venerable Fulton Sheen award for excellent online and social media communications program for Christian advocacies.

Lifelong Learning

Homerun Nievera
Homerun Nievera, CDE, CVM, CCM

Homerun is a Certified Distance Educator, Viral Marketer, and Content Marketer, and has undergraduate and postgraduate studies in distance education and communication research from the University of the Philippines. He took advanced master units on Distance Education also at UP.

He is an alumna of Don Bosco and the U.P. Integrated School. At the Asian Institute of Management, he finished a double program on Entrepreneur Management and Startup Innovation and Startup Management.

Homerun finished his Viral Marketing Program at Wharton Business School and finished his program on Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies at Harvard University. He also took a program on Social Enterprise Planning and Management from MIT.

Homerun guest lectures at the Thames International Business School of social media marketing and is a regular speaker and resource person on digital transformation for M/SMES and coops.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay