is the digital marketing services online home of the Negosentro Media Group. Founded by its Managing Consultant, Homer Nievera, the firm is positioned as a growth hacking specialist.

Established in San Francisco, Negosentro later moved to the Philippines to help a developing small business base. It has joined forces with Mediablast Digital Corp. to serve as the core of its content marketing business. When Mediablast started shifting its focus to more tech-based products and services, Negosentro established Top Rank SEO Philippines to serve as the main SEO driver to prop up the business. Top Rank SEO has eventually reached the top 10 list of best SEO agencies in the Philippines.

Today, Negosentro boasts of its 100+ network of highly-niched top-ranked websites and digital publications which serves as the main backbone of its growth hacking consulting services. Negosentro owns and manages the content sites that deliver its messages across the web and on its 40+ social media outlets, reaching more than 5 million audiences at any given time. Negosentro has also created its own AI-powered technologies to help propel its services to global standards.