Negosentro is a growth hacking specialist based in the Philippines


Negosentro is the top growth hacking firm in the Philippines and specializes in SEO, social media strategy, email marketing, and digital marketing consulting.

What is Growth-hacking?

Growth hacking encompasses growth-focused tactics. Early-stage firms with little budgets need significant growth quickly. Growth hacking tactics aim to get as many consumers as possible for as little as possible. Growth hacking is a part of marketing that focuses on making a company or brand grow quickly. It is both a process and a group of digital skills from different fields.

what is growth hacking

Our Main Strengths

SEO Expertise

Social Media Excellence

Strong Content Network

seo expertise
content network

When your site is up, optimizing on-page and off-page SEO is best practice. We do this to generate long-term organic and qualified traffic. Negosentro has SEO expertise you can count on.

Negosentro pushes social media excellence as part of its core digital marketing services. We also espouse message amplification through niche social influencers to magnify messaging.

Negosentro owns and manages a 100+ content network that reaches a global audience in as much as 188 countries, powered by 100+ writers all over the world. This is our major differentiation.

Email Marketing

PR Immediacy

Political Media Strategy

email marketing
pr immediacy
political strategy

Negosentro has built its own email subscriber base of close to 150,000 corporate and enterprise readers. We send monthly snippets of our best articles and clients can take advantage of this platform as well.

Our partner PR companies and corporate clients enjoy the immediacy of Negosentro’s publication network. We get the word out to through our target content outreach within 24 hours.

Negosentro has been around long enough to be part of several local and national elections both in the Philippines and globally. Our digital outreach strategies have helped clients win elections.

The First, Biggest, and Only Filipino-owned Digital Publication Network in the World!

negosentro blog network

Negosentro is powered by its own 100+ digital publications (CLICK HERE) that spread across various niched categories. Read in 188 countries worldwide, Negosentro allows messages to spread rapidly for immediate PR outreach and top Google searchability. Established in San Francisco, Negosentro has moved its base to the Philippines to serve a fast-developing small business base while keeping its core of global clientele. 

Who We Serve

We grow when you grow

Negosentro has been serving various categories of clients since its founding as a single small business blog in 2011. Starting with startups and advertisers, the firm’s client base has grew to include content marketers, SEO outreach, PR firms, political personalities, and small business enterprises worldwide.   

What They Say

Testimonials from some of our clients who have been using our services through the years. Read on and see what they say.

I always include the Negosentro Media Group in our PR distribution because I know that our clients will reach their target market. 

– Rosary Ysmael, CEO @ YMV & Associates (Philippines)

I really like Negosentro’s vision. I love what they’re doing. I feel it’s a great platform to share your thoughts. 

– Sandra Cobain, Child Psychologist and Head of Content @ Best For The Kids (USA)

I’ve been very happy with Negosentro for giving me a chance to share my thoughts on their blog. Truly a big help for content marketers. Keep it up! 

– Patricia Evans, Editor at Articletuts (USA).

Negosentro is an excellent platform to share your ideas. Not many blogging avenues around. Quality stuff all-round. Keep inspiring, Team!
 – Sam Zaman,Principal Mobile App Consultant, (India/USA)